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Oakland Raiders News: Mike Mayock's Mock Draft Is SHOCKING!!!

Perhaps Mike Mayock is going for "Shock Value", but, he left McFadden out of his Top 10 and has the Oakland Raiders choosing Gholston over Chris Long!!! There is NO Mock IN The WORLD that does not have McFadden in the Top 10!!!

Is he Insane?

Here is his order: (With my comments)

1) Dolphins - Matt Ryan

This is a solid first pick and a wise one at that. They can build through this draft and what better way to start than the best QB in this class?

2) Rams - Jake Long

He makes perfect sense for the Al Saunders offense and is as solid an O-Line prospect as the NFL has seen in recent years. Joe Thomas lost the best O-lineman award to Long while Long was a Junior and just look what Thomas did last year.

3) Falcons - Glen Dorsey

Here is where he starts to lose me.

Dorsey is a difference maker on defense and is a HUGE reason why LSU has been a Fantastic Defense for the last 4 years. Then again, he has shown that he is injury prone and when Gholston and Chris Long are available, I cannot see the Falcons taking a risk at #3.

4) Raiders - Vernon Gholston

I believe that Gholston will be the best player taken in this draft. Not just on defense, but in the entire draft.

There is no equal in recent years to Vernon Gholston. His ability to rush from the edge and completely disrupt the entire offense makes him a franchise #1 defensive player from the "Elephant" position.

I love the fact that he has Gholston here. In fact, I think that the Chris Long drama will be over at pick #3 when the Falcons take him off the board.

5) Kansas City - Jeff Otah OT

This is another MIND BLOWER. I LOVE Jeff Otah and he does fit the LT position for KC better than Ryan Clady, BUT, how can you pass on Chris Long and Darren McFadden for Jeff Otah?

There are other O-Linemen that they can get in the second AND McFadden would solve the Larry Johnson crisis. McFadden would push him, and perhaps he may even push he and his contract out the door. That would BE HUGE for KC.

Chris Long would also provide optimum output and would give you your DE if you wanted to trade Jared Allen IF he won't sign long term. Trading Jared to a team that will sign him long term and getting picks in THIS draft and landing Chris Long would make them MUCH better this year AND for YEARS to come.

This point is MUTE though because there is NO WAY that Chris Long will last until #5.

#6 Jets - Chris Long

They would HAVE to take McFadden because they don't have a Top 10 back and McFadden can be Top 5 this year. That would give them an instant offense and may allow Pennington to not be keyed on every play. That is more important than having another edge rusher.

McFadden would also bring some spotlight to the Jets games in a town that C-"Rave"s it because McFadden is a potential "star".

#7 Patriots - Derek Harvey

This is a great pick for New England, BECAUSE McFADDEN WILL NOT BE THERE.

Their defense would instantly be faster on the edge and that would open things up for some great play reading linebackers and DBs.

In my first mock, months ago, I had him going #9.

#8 Baltimore - Leodis McKelvin

How anyone can pass on McFadden, at this point, is  absurd.

McKelvin is quick and makes good reads, but he gets lost in the clouds as well. If his head clears up, he will be the best DB taken but they cannot ignore the presence of Sedrick Ellis here.

Ellis, if McFadden were gone, would be BY FAR the best move that the Ravens could make right here.

Ellis will open up the lanes for the linebackers and that is how the Ravens linebackers get free!!!

Personally, I like Rodgers-Cromartie more than McKelvin and think that Malcom Kelly would be a better choice for them than going DB anyway.

#9 Bengals - Sedrick Ellis

Ellis fills a need, but McFadden is a game breaker. He may even stay out of jail more than their current back.

The Bengals WOULD NOT pass on McFadden.

#10 Saints - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

A fantastic talent that belongs in the Top 10, BUT, they would take McFadden and trade Deuce. That would be a NO Brainer.

Those are his Top 10.

I realize that the job is to assume "no trades" and go from there, and, Mayock did that. My astonishment lies mainly in his complete degradation of Darren McFadden and my appreciation lies in his choice of Gholston for the Raiders.

On his NFL Network page you can see some great photos and get great info, regardless of whether or not we agree with him, we can use this as a source for our own opinions.

Will Darren McFadden Fall out of the Top 10??? Mayock Thinks so, and that is a BOLD prediction. In fact, it is SHOCKING!!!!

On another note, I look forward to our own mock draft and the ensuing discussions as we refine our predictions.