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Here Is The Initial Draft List: Draft As Your Pick Comes Up

I'm really looking forward to seeing who we come up with.

There are still spots left that will be filled by those who've already joined the list unless others step forward and test their draft knowledge or gain some.

This is the initial draft and we can continue the draft as April 26th approaches.

I will give us 10 days for the first round draft, discussion and redraft.

Then we can move to the 2nd round in the same fashion.

After that, we can run with whoever is still standing.

TC...You're on the Clock!!!



Dolphins - Raider TC
Rams - Oakfosho
Falcons - Saint
Raiders - Bud Light
Chiefs - Chris Thorman
Jets - RaiderNation1984
Patriots -
Ravens -Oakfosho
Bengals - Raider TC
Saints - Saint
Bills -  
Broncos - Mister Brister
Panthers -
Bears - RaiderNation1984
Lions -
Cardinals -
Vikings -
Texans - Maverick
Eagles - Maverick
Bucs -
Skins -
Cowboys - Bud Light
Steelers -
Titans - Saint
Seahawks - Mister Brister
Jags -
Chargers -
Cowboys - Bud Light
Niners - Fooch
Packers -
Patriots - NONE
New York -