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The Day After The time Change:

Springing forward has COMPLETELY spaced me this year.

It has me living in an alternate reality where the Warriors win the Championship and the A's and Raiders advance to the playoffs...THIS YEAR.

Somewhere in that lost hour is Baron Davis backing down Lebron James and hitting a fade away at the buzzer to WRAP IT UP!!!

In those 60 minutes that I NEVER HAD, the A's have a Nelson Liriano-like breakout from one of their young arms and they add more YOUNG high end arms at the end of the year to make a playoff run that has them advancing on the last day of the year.

In that time forgot in space, the Raiders continue to come together as a unit and lead the league in takeaways AND rushing. That combo gets them to the playoffs and shuts up the HATERS.

Peace returns to the Town and the Championships begin to POUR in...

Ahhhh...Where did that hour go?