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Adarius Bowman May Slip To The Fourth Round:

When Bowman ran a 4.69 forty at the combine, he instantly slipped in many offensive prognosticator's minds.

How insane would it be for a player with HIS "football" and "playmaker" abilities to slip to the Raiders at the Top of the 4th Round.

I, personally, cannot see him slipping THAT FAR even though nfldraftscout has him in the 5th round now and the 23rd best WR in the draft.

If the Raiders can get a tough defender with the 4 pick and the #6 and 23 (On Some People's Boards, 6-10 on others) WRs in a VERY DEEP class of wide-outs then the draft would be a WIN before they even selected in the 6th or 7th rounds.

Imagine Gholston or Long joining the defense and Bowman and Hardy or Thomas joining Walker and Curry.

I expect the Raiders to be trade happy with Fabian and "Fabe" can help the team get another 2nd rounder or better which can help them land a player they are high on that begins to slide. Jamaal Charles ANYONE?

There are always players who post bad 40 times at the combine and go on to be the best receivers of their time...Jerry Rice ran a 4.6.

Devin Thomas and Adarius Bowman would be my Highest Hopes for a tandem in this draft.

Thomas (6-2) or Hardy (6-6), Bowman (6-4) and Walker (6-3) would give JaMarcus some pretty BIG targets that rack up BIG YAC to throw to.

Curry and Miller can work underneath and Griffith and Bush can work the flat.

AD spent the money on a #1 receiver and now he needs to have some strength opposite him or he will constantly be doubled. Curry has not shown that he is good enough to be that guy YET.

We'll see how Lane's talk with him after the season effects his 2008 season.

Both, Thomas and Bowman, can be good enough targets and make enough plays to keep the opposition form doubling Walker.

I just wanted to write this and let you know that with a little luck in the draft, this year may be MUCH better than any we've had in 6 years.