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Oakland Raiders News: Drew Carter Has Just Upgraded Oakland's Receiving Corps:

With the signing of Drew Carter, the Raiders have said, "How Ya Like Me Now?", to the NFL.

Even IF the Raiders cannot get some picks for Walter or Fabian, the signing of Carter fills one of the last obvious holes and only a run stuffing linebacker and Chris Long or Vernon Gholston are left.

There is sure to be a Wide-Out that slips to the 4th round that will round out the team and there may even be one in the 6th or 7th that will help.

Before the free agent period began I pointed to 5 weaknesses in the Raider that needed to be fixed.

There were two holes in the passing game, and they have now been answered.

The team needed a TRUE #1 receiver, which Porter never was, and they needed a slot receiver.

Walker and Carter have filled those holes.

There was a HUGE weakness at SS and that was answered by the best player available, Gibril Wilson.

There was a need for an inside presence on the defense, and the Raiders made sure that they didn't lose Tommy Kelly and will have an opportunity to address this in the first two rounds of the draft.

There is still a need for a run stuffing linebacker. Danny Clark keeps being mentioned and I would LOVE for him to sign here again.

There may still be a hole at LT, but, Mario Henderson MAY already be the answer. We're not sure yet.

What I am sure of, is that this team can use THIS draft to fill in and be a GREAT Team again. Maybe NOT in 2008, but they will be on the precipice.

There is another possible 2nd Day draftee out there that I would love to see in the Silver and Black.

Athyba Rubin -

From the tape that I've seen on him as well as the  little I got to see of him at the Senior Bowl workouts, this guy is a beast in the middle of the defense.

He is a BULLRUSHER that would occupy blockers and allow our linebackers to get free.

By adding Carter, the choices for the 4th Round are not limited to WR.

The Draft Can Go Like This:

Gholston - Defensive STOPPER
Jamaal Charles - Best Player Available
Rubin - Line Stuffer
Harry Douglas - Very solid Receiver Who has Slipped
Thomas Williams - Best Player Available May Start at SAM in 2009.

This is the best off-season that we've had in a LONG TIME. And nobody would know it because the team keeps getting trashed in the mainstream media. But, if you're like me, you can just sit back and bask in the glow of the great things to come and wait the Haters OUT.

Go Raiders, and THANK YOU AL!!!!