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The Falcons Can Make It Back to Back Longs


There are really two choices here for Atlanta.

Their first choice would most likely be Matt Ryan, IF, he is available.

Their second choice would be Jake Long. Since, in this mock, Ryan is already claimed I have the Falcons taking Long.

With all of the money that Atlanta threw at Michael Turner Long will be key to opening holes for Atlanta's new speed burner.

Last Season, Joe Thomas gave the Browns everything that they hoped he would when they selected him with the third overall pick and I expect Jake Long, who was rated higher than Thomas two years ago, to be a cornerstone for the Falcons for 10-15 years.

After Long's Freshman season he only allowed 1 sack and that was against Ohio State and Vernon Gholston.

Matt Miller from SBN's Mock The Draft Posted A Great Write-Up on Jake Long