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Silver And Black Pride's Mock Draft: Kansas City Trades The 5th Pick to Dallas

This is a VERY interesting position for KC. THEY WILL TRADE THIS PICK TO DALLAS.

Chris Thorman from Arrowhead Pride has said as much and also that IF they cannot trade the pick they will reach for Ryan Clady.

I know that I want to run this draft with NO TRADES, but this is JUST too perfect a trade for Dallas..SOOO...Dallas Trades their two first round picks, their third rounder and next year's third rounder for Darren McFadden.

Kansas City can pick an OT at 22 and a talented receiver  with the second first rounder and they'll have two extra third rounders over the next two years and that is EXACTLY what the Chiefs need.

McFadden will take the Cowboys all the way to the Super Bowl. They are built to win NOW and I can see them trading up as high as #1 to ensure that they get McFadden.