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Mock Draft Update: Top 5 Picks


Miami finds itself with MANY needs and could easily take ANY ONE of the Top 3 talents in this draft (Gholston, Long or Long), but the chance to land a FRANCHISE QB only comes around every once in a while.

They rolled the dice and passed on Brady Quinn in favor of a John Beck and Ted Ginn Jr. tandem last year and I just don't see how they would pass on Matt Ryan this year.

He has all of the tools to be a great NFL QB and with Josh "The NFL QB Groomer" McCown already signed, he can be eased into the starting role, ala, JaMarcus Russell last season.

The Dolphins are already on record as being more than 100% willing to trade the pick, but most of the action will come for Darren McFadden who could still be traded for from #3 on down.

I expect the Dolphins to keep the pick and they SHOULD draft Matt Ryan and let him sit for a year while McCown and Beck take a beating.

Once again, when you have the #1 pick and there is a potential franchise QB out there, you have to take him...Period.

If you want to gamble AGAIN and hope that Brohm makes it to the Top of the 2nd, then you'd take Jake Long here and Brohm in #2. I'm not much of a gambler when it comes to the draft and in a draft this deep, gambling makes ZERO sense. There will be a solid OT/DT/DE or WR sitting atop the 2nd round. In fact, that is a pick that I can see Miami moving for more picks.

Miami is doing a good job in free agency of adding role players that will instantly make their special teams better and this draft is a great draft for a team that needs to build from the ground up.

Getting their QB will allow the rest of the puzzle to be filled in over the next two years when Ryan will be ready to step in.


With the 2nd pick the Rams have selected......

Chris Long

Chris Long has to be the Rams' best-case scenario at No. 2 overall. Long is not a prototypical edge-rusher, but he's a disruptive force in all facets of the game. He possesses rare versatility and a motor that never quits. Long would be an excellent complement at left end opposite the speedy Leonard Little, who recently reworked his contract.

Holla at the logic!



There are really two choices here for Atlanta.

Their first choice would most likely be Matt Ryan, IF, he is available.

Their second choice would be Jake Long. Since, in this mock, Ryan is already claimed I have the Falcons taking Long.

With all of the money that Atlanta threw at Michael Turner Long will be key to opening holes for Atlanta's new speed burner.

Last Season, Joe Thomas gave the Browns everything that they hoped he would when they selected him with the third overall pick and I expect Jake Long, who was rated higher than Thomas two years ago, to be a cornerstone for the Falcons for 10-15 years.

After Long's Freshman season he only allowed 1 sack and that was against Ohio State and Vernon Gholston.

Matt Miller from SBN's Mock The Draft Posted A Great Write-Up on Jake Long


Going against EVERY prognosticator OUTSIDE of Oakland (They all have us grabbing McFadden...Well, except for Mayock), Bud Light has chosen the player that I would ABSOLUTELY take...Vernon Gholston.

"The Raiders Select:

The combine freak Vernon Gholston.

After looking over the trade possibilities and debating over Dorsey and Gholston Al went what he always goes with. Speed & Athelisism.

Gholston goes opposite D Burg along with the rotation inside of Kelly, Sands, Warren and Joseph. Should solidify the front 4.


The Chiefs are now on the clock and the McFadden chase continues!!!


This is a VERY interesting position for KC. THEY WILL TRADE THIS PICK TO DALLAS.

Chris Thorman from Arrowhead Pride has said as much and also that IF they cannot trade the pick they will reach for Ryan Clady.

I know that I want to run this draft with NO TRADES, but this is JUST too perfect a trade for Dallas..SOOO...Dallas Trades their two first round picks, their third rounder and next year's third rounder for Darren McFadden.

Kansas City can pick an OT at 22 and a talented receiver  with the second first rounder and they'll have two extra third rounders over the next two years and that is EXACTLY what the Chiefs need.

McFadden will take the Cowboys all the way to the Super Bowl. They are built to win NOW and I can see them trading up as high as #1 to ensure that they get McFadden.

The Jets and RaiderNation1984 are on the Clock!!!