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Oakland Raiders News: Is DeAngelo Hall Worth 57 Million and Two Picks?

I know, I know, the Raiders need to overpay in order to attract free agents, BUT, the #34 pick can be used for a VERY good player (Doucett, Devin Thomas, Trevor Laws, Calais Campbell, Jamaal Charles) and the 6th Round pick can be used on a player who falls through the wide receiver cracks (Monk, Urrutia) or maybe ILB Thomas Williams out of USC AND there would still be 57 million in the bank to sign Nnamdi to an extension.

Fabian and Routt are both "Verge Players" in my mind. They are BOTH on the "Verge" of being good corners and they will only cost 3.7 million over the next 2 years. Hall "would" instantly make the defense better if he doesn't pull a 2006 Raider and quit on the team if they don't win instantly.

Hall is acting like a spoiled child, he is after all a 24 year old millionaire who is sick of playing on a losing team.

I know that the Falcons made the Raiders look like the World's most functional organization in sports with their implosion in 2007, BUT, is going to a team that hasn't won more than 5 games in 5 years really the solution for DeAngelo?

Hall was at the combine begging teams to get him out of Atlanta AND pay him 57 million dollars. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't feel too comfortable sinking 57 million dollars into DeAngelo Hall if he was a stock, let alone a spoiled crybaby who wants his cake and to eat it too.

That being said, he is a special player who can be a difference maker in the return game as well as in the defensive backfield and his presence on the team would mean that the Raiders could return to prominence quickly.

I really am torn on this one...And I also wonder what Lane Kiffin thinks about bringing in a me first player as one of the anchors on his team.

Only time will tell, because as OaklandSMASH said:

"It smells like we're cooking with gunpowder which could either be a bomb or fireworks."

Let's hope that JaMarcus to Walker is the BOMB and DeAngelo's fireworks are ON THE FIELD!!!