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Oakland Raiders News: Are There Any Compensatory Picks ON The Horizon?

Thanks to Chinabob for bringing up this topic in his earlier diary:

The Raiders are in a VERY interesting situation in regards to their draft. In fact, it might make sense NOT to sign anybody else IF we can trade and draft to fill the rest of our needs for 2008.

For those of you who are confused as to how these picks work, here is a snippet from Wiki:

Compensatory Picks:

"In addition to the 32 picks in each round, there are a total of up to 32 picks dispersed at the ends of Rounds 3 through 7. These picks, known as "compensatory picks," are awarded to teams that have lost more qualifying free agents than they gained the previous year in free agency. Teams that gain and lose the same number of players but lose higher-valued players than they gain also can be awarded a pick, but only in the seventh round, after the other compensatory picks. Compensatory picks cannot be traded, and the placement of the picks is determined by a proprietary formula based on the player's salary, playing time and postseason honors with his new team, with salary being the primary factor. So, for example, a team that lost a linebacker who signed for $2.5 million per year in free agency might get a sixth-round compensatory pick, while a team that lost a wide receiver who signed for $5 million per year might receive a fourth-round pick.

If fewer than 32 such picks are awarded, the remaining picks are awarded in the order in which teams would pick in a hypothetical eighth round of the draft.

Compensatory picks are awarded each year at the NFL annual meeting which is held at the end of March; typically, about three or four weeks before the draft."

With the Raiders losing their starting QB, #1 receiver, Sack Leader and Brayton and only adding a starting strong safety, they could be in line for another 4th and 5th rounder if they hold tight.

Any players that they sign would have to be better than the players they would project to draft in the 4th and 5th and their salary should be no more than what a 4th or 5th rounder would make.

The scary thing is that the Patriots have lost Samuel and Gay and could lose Moss to free agency.

They may have 2 extra 3rd round picks AND an extra 5th!!! That would give them 5 picks in the Top 100 players of next year's draft.

The Giants are also looking like a team that may get a few more picks from the 4th-7th round next year.

This is definitely something to keep an eye on and will definitely play a role in how the Raiders draft next year.

The question is, can they get enough for Fabian, Rhodes, Jordan or even Nnamdi (If you aren't going to sign him to a long term deal) to fill in the biggest needs of this team.

This is something to really think about...In fact, right now I'm wondering what compensation we will be receiving for losing Shell and Walsh last year. :)

So, here is how it works: (According to my limited understanding)

If Jerry Porter starts every game for the Jags and scored 10 TD's while going for 1,200 yards and Gibril Wilson starts every game and gets 7 picks and makes 100 tackles then they would cancel eachother out.

If Josh McCown starts every game for the Dolphins and does a good job and we don't sign another free agent that is expected to get regular playing time, Josh McCown may net us a 3rd or 4th Round pick next year.

IF Chris Clemons gets 12 sacks and plays in every game, he too may net another 3rd or 4th Round Pick.

IF Tyler Brayton just starts somewhere he will net us a 7th Rounder.

It has no effect on replacing this year's picks, but will stack next year's.