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I'm sitting here on the deck of our timeshare in Solvang, sipping a Pilsner in the 72 degree weather and smiling about all of the teams that I am passionate about.

The OAKLAND Raiders have DOMINATED the NFL off-season to this point (No matter what the Haters Say), the OAKLAND Warriors just broke hearts of 18,000 LA fans (Even "Jack" told "Jax" that he was the better "Jack" last night) and the OAKLAND A's are set to kick off the MLB Season on National TV against the hated Red Sox (Nation Poseurs...They all know that Raider Robb started the first Nation when he called us the Raider Nation 10 years ago).

All is well in the Nation...The EBN (East Bay Nation) is sticking it to the ESPN (Eastern Sports Poseur Nation) and I am feeling the LOVE that is shining down on our little Town that COULD!!!

It is as bright as the sun that is warming my face...And my beer...!!!

I'll leave you with this today: