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Oakland Raider News Update: Catching Up With The Off-Season

I thought I'd do a little "Recap to the Off-season" thread.

So far our defensive coordinator has been fired our head coach has resigned and three of our HUGE offensive coaches are leaving next year...And, so far, NONE of it has happened...NEXT

McFadden completely tore up the NFL Combine and you can bet that teams are drooling over him being a playmaker in their system.

I'd leverage a trade with the Patriots against one with Dallas. If either of those teams get Darren McFadden they are destined for great things in 2008. They have complete teams that are one elite running back away from being completely unstoppable...But...Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Don't tell anyone.

It would be HARD to pass on a talent like McFadden and he wouldn't need to carry the ball very much with Bush and Fargas off setting the load.

What would make me pass on McFadden is IF either Chris Long or Vernon Gholston are available.

I'm happy with Rhodes, Bush and Fargas, especially with O'Neal and Griffith leading the way, and I think that Vernon Gholston is going to be a special player in this League.

Clemons is gone, and that one hurts. I really rooted hard for Chris Clemons last season and I wanted him to be able to play one healthy season as a starter so that we could see what he can do as an aggressive edge rushing linebacker/d-lineman.

Unfortunately, he is gone and back in the NFC East with the Eagles.

He may end up netting us another 3rd or 4th rounder next year as a comp pick if he does a good job and we don't sign more free agents.

Not bad for a non drafted player.

Speaking of non drafted players, Barry Sims is now, for the first time in his NFL career, Not a Raider.

Sims is now a free agent who can land with a good line that needs an experienced LT. I wish him the best. I am also left scratching my head about his release as it didn't clear much cap room (200k) and we aren't exactly DEEP on O-Line.

Jerry Porter May land us an extra 3rd Rounder next year. He signed with the Jags where he will get plenty of action with David Garrard at the helm.

Someone wanted Josh McCown and his days as Oakland's "Pinata Boy" are over. The good news is that that someone was the Dolphins who aren't too enamored with their current situation and may use McCown in much the same way the Raiders did last season and that would net us a 4th - 5th round pick.

The #1 problem of this team has been answered. Stuuuu will be on the bench.

I could make a statistical case that Schweigert was the reason that the Raiders run defense was the worst in football.

From the yards after Stu, to the Angles by Stu, to the Yards with Stu on your back yards that the running backs took advantage of in 2007, "Schwag", is the #1 reason that the team's run d was so bad, and now "Gibril" has come to make our biggest weakness one of our biggest strengths.

Wilson will be the best "Raider Safety" since Eric Turner.

So, IN:

Gibril Wilson



It is looking like someone is being active in Oakland and it's looking pretty good when your #1 need is addressed with the best player available.

The next step:

I think that the team should be very careful who they sign from the scrap heap that is left and really try to get some picks for LaMont and Fabian.

This is a three year process and next the team can have 9 picks in next year's draft. (Extra 3rd and 4th)

If Fabian can net a late 2nd round pick or early third and LaMont can fetch a 5th rounder then the Raiders can snag 7 players to fill in roles this year and let the core take over.

I want Bowie in as a nickel back, and Routt opposite Nnamdi. Trading Fabian will allow that to happen and we can get a nice player from the late second to the mid third round.

By adding Bowie and Wilson to the defensive backfield, they will instantly become better tacklers.

Kelly, Richardson and Morrison are also good tacklers. The Defense is going to need at least two more tacklers.

Kiffin has gone as far as saying that the team needs better tacklers.

Good Tacklers (For Position):


Need Improvement:


Man, Gholston would really improve this defense!!!

The second round is the ROUND of the WIDE OUT...No doubt.

Devin Thomas or Adarius Bowman would be my Top 2 that may make it to the 2nd round.

Oddly enough, Mario Manningham may be there and then he would be my hands down pick in the second round.

The crazy part about all of this is that the Raiders could take Trevor Laws in the 2nd and draft Eddie Royal or Dexter Jackson in the 4th and Marcus Monk in the 6th.

That COMPLETELY hinges on Marcus Monk's ability to be a possession/back of the end zone receiver.

The Signing of Wilson was daft,
Op-en-ing many doors in this draft,
Now the Raiders can plunder,
While the rest of you wonder,
And we stockpile picks for next year.