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Oakland Raiders News: The Raiders Improve the Running and Passing Games

Gone from the ranks of the passing game is Jerry Porter. A receiver who's CAREER high in receptions was 76 and his career high in yardage was 998.

This is a player who played with Rich Gannon in his early career and was relegated to 3rd receiver behind the venerable ones, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice.

He was not a bad player, but he was never a go to guy.

Javon Walker IS a GO TO GUY.

Javon is an absolute playmaker. He is always making leaping catches or running away from opposing defenses.

JaMarcus Russell now has a true #1 receiver.

There is no underestimating the values of; protecting the rookie quarterback with a good running game, ala Philip Rivers treatment in SD, giving him good outlet receivers, Miller, Griffith, Rhodes, O'Neal, and giving him a go to guy, Javon Walker.

When J-Russ needs a home run this year, he'll be throwing to Javon Walker. That has GOT to make Raider Nation feel MUCH better about 2008.

The draft promises to leave either Devin Thomas, Adarius Bowman, Mario Manningham or James Hardy in the 2nd round, and PERHAPS Eddie Royal or Dexter Jackson in the 4th.

By signing Javon we can take the best available 4th round receiver, hopefully little slot playmakers like Royal and Jackson, we can draft defense in the 2nd and still have a good receiving core.


But, imagine IF they DID snag Devin Thomas or Limas Sweed in the 2nd round and still took Royal or Jackson in the 4th.

Walker would be the go to guy.
Curry would be a good setup for Walker.
Devin Thomas would be the #2 or 3 option and would be good insurance should Walker be reinjured.
Royal or Jackson could compete for Punt Returning duties and come in for 2nd and 25 or 3rd and 20 situations.

That would be AN ENORMOUS improvement over 2007 when Ronald Curry was our #1 yardage receiver with 717.

The Raiders didn't only strengthen the wide receiver yesterday, they also improved the running game.

One thing that Tom Cable has said is that the LT has to be quick in his zone blocking scheme.

One thing that Kwame Harris is is SMART and quick. He may be exactly what Cable is looking for in a LT.

Kwame is also a BEAST in the running game and teaming him up with Gallery and Zach Miller on each side should help our running backs run through bigger holes than Sims created in 2007.

Adding to that, we may have our O-lineman without having to draft one in the high rounds.

All of those holes that we talked about are being filled before the draft and it will be interesting to see how much of an improvement this team makes next year.

I do know this though, It will be difficult for Lane or JaMarcus Russell to make any excuses about NOT having the players to make themselves successful.