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Oakland Raiders News: Mock Draft Signups

Some of the SBN Boards are doing Community Mocks and it looks like a fun way to get to really know the NFL Draft.

So, Let's start with sign-ups for two teams apiece, then we can increase to 3 or 4 if nec.

If you are a regular reader/non poster now is your shot to take part in a significant happening on S&BP and the rest of you loud mouths :) can gloat all year about how you NAILED IT.

I'll nominate Bud Light for the Raiders and Cowboys, that way IF there is a trade he is the one orchestrating it.

I'll take the Falcons "Saints" and Jags.

Sign up, it's a first come first served thing.

If you've never done a mock draft before, it is BOTH informational and fun.