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Oakland Raiders News: April 10th Is The Right Time To Start REALLY Talking Draft

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Now is the time Raider Nation. Let's look at all of the angles for the Raiders in the upcoming draft. I nearly HATE doing this for fear that this report gets into the wrong hands and raises the value of any of these players... ;)

The MOST important factor, who will be chosen 4th overall has been talked about ad nauseum.

One thing that has broken is the fact that Gholston or Jake Long may already be off the market when we choose and either Chris Long, Glen Dorsey or Darren McFadden will be there at #4.

I'll say that IF Chris Long is there then he WILL be a RAIDER.

Dorsey is the best Defensive Line fit, next to Chris Long.

Dorsey would allow Kelly to go back to end on rushing downs and rotate into the middle on passing downs.

McFadden has been the most discussed, and I can honestly say that IF he is picked, there would be very few of us that were not excited about having a "True" six point machine.

The players that I want to get into are the players who will be traded and the players that can be picked up as UFA or late round draft picks.

The fourth and fifth rounds are usually great rounds to draft offensive and defensive linemen.

One player that I had my eye on, Steve Justice - C - Wake Forrest, has moved up from the 6th or 7th Round to the 2nd or 3rd on most boards.

Another that I've had my eye on Ahtyba Rubin,, may still be there in the 4th Round.

If what we need is cheap talent on the D-Line, then Rubin fits that need.

From what I've seen of Rubin, he has the ability to drive the best offensive lineman backwards. I know that we can use that push on 3rd and short and 4th and goal.

Lavelle Hawkins, Eddie Royal and Dexter Jackson are all intriguing names that started in the 4th-6th Round projections and may now be heading as high as the 2nd and 3rd Round.

My real hope for the 4th Round is that LaVelle Hawkins, Dexter Jackson or Eddie Royal are still around for the Raider pick.

Any one of those four receivers would give us a punt returner and another explosive weapon for JaMarcus Russell.

All three of these players have game speed that is as good or better than anyone else in this draft.

It is possible that any one of our expendable players can get us a high enough pick to land any of those three, should they rate out higher that the Top of the 4th Round.

I've continued this topic in the thread above.