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Oakland Raiders News: What Is Fabian Washington's Value?

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I chose to make this it's own discussion because Fabian's value is pretty high when you look at his contract, ability and experience in a man scheme.

I would say that McKelvin and Cromartie are at the top of my list of available corners, but are they worth 10 million in up front guarantees?

Washington's contract only calls for $2.265 million for the next two years and he is just as fast as both of them and has more experience.

So, if he isn't worth McKelvin or Cromartie, just how far would Washington fall?

Is he better than Aqib Talib or Antoine Cason? How about Mike Jenkins?

All five of these players are projected to go in the first round and will get paid more over the next two years than Washington and none of them has his experience.

Washington's value would seem to be highest to a team like Dallas who could use someone that can start this year and prevent the big play that rookies usually give up.

That being said, would Dallas trade their second first round pick to the Raiders for Fabian?

The Raiders have already floated that they have a team offering a second round pick for Fabian.

That could mean that his value starts at a Top 63 pick.

Maybe JaMaal Charles, Trevor Laws or Mario Mannnigham will be around for a second round pick or Devin Thomas is there for a first? Who knows?

At this point, I'd trade him for Dexter Jackson and I do know that I would take Fabian in the Top 50 picks for his contract, ability and experience.

I mean, would you rather give Brandon Flowers 5 million or pay Fabian 2.2?