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Oakland Raiders News: Chris Long @ ATT Park With Ryan

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One of the contributors at NinersNation saw Long with Ryan at the Giants Game last night.

"I went to the Giants game last night

and Chris Long was there with Rob Ryan, defensive coordinator for the Raiders. Considering reports on ESPN that the Dolphins are negotiating a contract with JAKE Long, I thought this was interesting.

by Hitchcock on Thu Apr 10, 2008 at 08:17:26 PM EDT"

I don't think that the Rams can pass on either Dorsey, Gholston or Jake Long...Maybe Chris Long will be in Silver and Black...Well, One can dream can't they!?!?!

Chris Long would be the cure for what ails this franchise most. Long would give this team an instant identity...oh yeah, and a pass rush to go along with our newly revamped passing defense.

I know that there is not one person who bleeds silver and black who would pass on Howie's son if he fell into their laps on April 26th.

The words you never hear surrounding Chris Long, Work-out Warrior (Scout terminology for potential steroid abuser), Me First (He has been a model teammate by all he's played with) and Potential (Scout term for lazy, dumb or inexperienced).

I am a HUGE believer in DNA and drafting Hall of Famer's kids. There is just something about being raised around the NFL culture and learning from a HOF dad that gives them an advantage, not to mention the apple doesn't always fall far from the DNA tree.

What do you think Raider Nation? Would you take Howie's Kid over the Arkansas Flash?