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Oakland Raiders News: 2008 Schedule is VERY Favorable!

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Official NFL Schedule 2008

Monday, September 8      7:15   Denver Broncos     ESPN

Sunday, September 14      10:00 @ Kansas City Chiefs CBS

Sunday, September 21      10:00 @ Buffalo Bills CBS

Sunday, September 28      1:05  San Diego Chargers CBS

Sunday, October 5     BYE WEEK

Sunday, October 12     10:00 @ New Orleans Saints CBS

Sunday, October 19     1:15     New York Jets CBS

Sunday, October 26     10:00     @ Baltimore Ravens CBS

Sunday, November 2     1:15     Atlanta Falcons     FOX

Sunday, November 9     1:05     Carolina Panthers     FOX

Sunday, November 16     10:00     @ Miami Dolphins     CBS

Sunday, November 23     1:05     @ Denver Broncos     CBS

Sunday, November 30     1:15      Kansas City Chiefs     CBS

Thursday, December 4     5:15     @ San Diego Chargers NFLN

Sunday, December 14     1:15      New England Patriots CBS

Sunday, December 21     1:05     Houston Texans     CBS

Sunday, December 28     10:00     @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers CBS

There can be no better Opening Day for a Raider Nation than hosting the Denver Broncos on Monday Night. Period.

It will be the last game played in Week One and every eye will be glued to the Silver and Black and our loyal Nation. Fantasy Numbers, parlays and office pools will keep the fans across the "Other" Nation tuned in while Al unveils his 2008 squad.

Thank You Schedule makers.

Getting Buffalo in week 3 is also a blessing because I would hate to go in there in December and try to run our offense or stop theirs.

Once again, Thank You Schedule Makers.

The best part about this schedule is that we will have home games for nearly a month straight!!!

From October 19th to November 9th we will get the Jets, Panthers and Falcons IN OAKLAND and play only one road game, in Baltimore.

This is the gelling point. A 3-1 or 4-0 run through this part of the schedule will set the season on FIRE with 7 games left and will build the momentum that the team will need to knock off three tough road teams San Diego, Denver and Tampa and also deal with New England in OAKLAND on December 14th.

How does this schedule sit with the Rest Of You, Raider Nation?