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Oakland Raiders News: Steve McNair's Retirement May Put Focus on 4th Pick

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With Steve McNair retiring, the Baltimore Ravens may be "Ravenous" in their pursuit of Matt Ryan.

If he is taken in the Top 3, by either Atlanta or Miami, then the point is mute, but, there are many mock drafts that have both Longs AND Dorsey going in the top 3.

From where the Raiders sit, number 4 overall, they may be sitting in the catbird's seat with BOTH Matt Ryan AND Darren McFadden available.

It makes sense that the Raiders have been marching wide-outs Devin Thomas and Mario Manningham through town because it is possible that Baltimore may deal the number 8 pick (Sedrick Ellis) and a second #39 (Manningham) in order to land their franchise QB.

In fact, the Ravens may even have to add in another couple of picks to move up 4 spots.

This "Raven" wrinkle is another possibility along with Dallas trading us their two first rounders and their second this year AND next for Fabian Washington and the #4 pick in the hopes of landing McFadden.

Of course IF they are BOTH bidding against each other, then the value of the #4 pick may be as high as the #4 pick was to Mike Ditka when he traded his entire draft for Ricky Williams.

I Love Vernon Gholston and Darren McFadden and think that they will be difference makers on whatever teams they goes to, but the kind of value that the Raiders can get from having the leverage of Ryan and McFadden available at #4 will go a lot further than adding one player.