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Oakland Raider Draft 2008: 2nd Day Wonder

The second day of the draft is where the talent evaluators really make their money.

Last season the Raiders got a bit excited about the players that they had rated high on their boards that were still around in the third round and traded away this year's 3rd rounder to New England for Mario Henderson. It will be interesting to see who that pick becomes.

I would probably take Connor, Manningham or Doucett with that pick and I am sure there are teams that covet Dan Connor or JaMaal Charles that would like to move up.

I know that Lane has said that the offensive linemen that they have ranked high are players that most teams don't have ranked as high.

I sit in wonder about who they are targeting and also who may be trading in the Silver and Black for some other team's colors by the end of the day.

Will it be Fabian? Dominic? LaMont?

I have to believe that Fabian and Lito Shepherd of the Eagles are the two best CB's available at this point.

Also, once Charles is taken, Rhodes should come into view for a good team that wants a second back.

Last year I hadn't heard of John Bowie, Johnnie Lee Higgins or Oren O'Neal and I like each of them today. I wonder what Lane and Co. have in store for us today.