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Oakland Raiders News: Oakland Raiders Sign 4 Undrafted Free Agents

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Once again, the Oakland Raiders went with two small schools, Western Washington and South Dakota State, for key positions LB and TE and then brought in a Pac 10 player that Lane kiffin is familiar with, Louis Rankin, and added a highly rated Center, Adam Speiker.

Here is a little background on these players:

Adam Spieker - C - Missouri - 6'2, 308 had him ranked as the 12th best Center in the draft. He was the Big 12 Offensive Lineman of The Year. He was also a Rimmington Award Finalist (Nation's Top Center)

As a 4 year starter in the Big 12, Spieker was the leader of the Missouri Offensive Line. His biggest strength is his leadership and his football IQ. This signing has Tom Cable's hand prints all over it. Bad Measurables, but high football acumen.

Shane Simmons - LB - Western Washington - 6'1 228

Simmons appears to be a perfect special teams type of player. He has a high motor and is a tackling machine. He tallied 125 tackles in 10 games last season.

I wouldn't be surprised if he found his way into a few games this year on running plays. He is a sure tackler and that is what we need.

Chris Wagner - TE - South Dakota State - 6'6 253

Wagner Should Provide depth at a key position.

Louis Rankin - RB - Washington - 6'0 205

Rankin Ran a 4.40 Forty when he tried out for the Seahawks. He also ran for 1,240 yards last season and scored 10 TDs. Cal fans will never forget him rushing for 224 yards against them.

There are still many unsigned players that I'm interested in, including DJ Hall, Wesley Woodyard, Jamie Silva and Adarius Bowman.