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Oakland Raiders News: Raiders Ink Brandon Rodd - OL and Matt Hahn - FB

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Signing Brandon Rodd and Matt Hahn now brings the total number of Undrafted Free Agents signed by the Raiders to six.

Here is some info on the two newest Raiders:

Brandon Rodd - OT - Arizona State - 6'3, 303


Rodd is yet another smart athlete who earned 2nd team All Conference honors. This is the second lineman that they've added that have very similar builds and brains.

Lane Kiffin really wasn't joking when he said that their O=Line prospects were much different than any other teams. He really does like the Academic All-Americans who can digest Tom Cable's system and aren't 335 pounds.

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Matt Hahn - FB - Penn State - 6'0, 235

Matt is projected as a second FB at the NFL level who has great work ethic and leadership skills. I see him as insurance at FB and he will need to make this team on Special Teams


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