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Oakland Raiders News: Justin Fargas Already Misses Dominic Rhodes

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According To KFFL:


David White, of the San Francisco Chronicle, reports several Oakland Raiders players were surprised at the release of RB Dominic Rhodes. "I didn't foresee that happening," said RB Justin Fargas. "Dominic is a good player and a good locker-room guy (who) brings everybody else up. Those are the kind of guys you want to have around, so when they let him go, it was a little bit of a shock, a little bit of a disappointment to me."


It was apparent to most of us in "The Nation" that drafting McFadden would signal the end for Dominic Rhodes and LaMont Jordan. It should not be a surprise to Justin Fargas.

I am sure that David White will use this piece in a backwards slant article against the Raiders when Fargas was just being cool about losing a good teammate and giving the press something that will help him land elsewhere.

The NFL is a numbers game and Justin should just be happy to be a millionaire with a position to play every Sunday and David White should switch to covering another team. Then again, he does work for the SF paper so I guess his constant trashing of the Raiders is exactly what they were looking for when the hired him.

Gay and White sitting in a tree...