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Oakland Raiders News: Will Warren Sapp be Back in Silver and Black?

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I found an interesting note on KFFL today:


Raiders | Sapp endorses McFadden selection
Tue, 29 Apr 2008 09:36:17 -0700

Michael Silver, of Yahoo! Sports, reports retired DL Warren Sapp endorsed the selection of Arkansas RB Darren McFadden by the Oakland Raiders. "I love Darren McFadden to the Raiders," Sapp said Monday, April 28. "I think it's a perfect fit… I understand that (coach) Lane Kiffin and (offensive coordinator) Greg Knapp are supposed to be these guys who make their living by throwing the ball," Sapp added. "But our offense is made for downhill guys. And this kid will make that offense go."



Warren Sapp uses the term, "Our Offense is made for downhill guys".


Here is the entire piece from Michael Silver . Sapp uses "our" twice.


Then There was This From DeAngello Hall a couple of days ago:


Q: Have you been able to see any kind of leadership structure in Oakland?

Hall: A little bit. I actually saw Warren Sapp down in Atlanta a couple weeks ago and I was begging him to try to come back out for one more. I told the big fella, ‘I just need one more out of you.’ This team is young but definitely has some leaders. There’s some older guys here who definitely know how to play football. The offseason isn’t over yet. Hopefully we can bring in a couple more guys and get a couple more pieces solidified. I feel like this team is primed and ready to go. We are young but at the same time just because you’re young it’s not an excuse to lose games.


You can read the entire interview in the Fanshots


When Warren left he was under the impression that Ryan was out the door and the team was nowhere near as talented as is is today.

While he was over matched at his smaller size last year, he can still be a threat on the pass rush and he would also be a good Captain to bridge the gap for our new defense.

I, for one, hope that there is some fire where all of this smoke is because Warren Sapp deserves to go out a winner.

If somehow Warren is reading this, "Come on Back Big Fella, This Promises To Be One Heckuva Ride!!!!".