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Oakland Raiders News: It Was All A Dream:

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I had my first sit down interview with Lane Kiffin last night, of course it was after the Raiders Lost 7-2 to the Denver Broncos to open the season in a game that went from a throwback high school stadium to a swimming pool.

In my sit down there were some things of interest:

1) When I mentioned having McFadden in the same backfield as JaMarcus Russell he turned giddy and his eyes turned shades of silver and black.

Meaning: All of you McFadden fans can go ahead and start buying your McFadden Raider jerseys NOW.

2) When I mentioned him drafting Vernon Gholston he said that "The Ghost" didn't fit their system.

Meaning: We'll take Dorsey, Ellis or Long IF we go defense.

3) When I asked him about having the honor of working with Al Davis he said that it was a very challenging situation, BUT, he still had the silver and black gleam in his eye.

Meaning: The Dark Lord is working his young apprentice into shape and Bud Light WILL be giving me a Club Seat this year!!!

4) When I mentioned that Javon Walker would have his revenge on Denver in Week One, he said that the situation was much deeper than was released to the press.

Meaning: Walker hates the Donkeys and his hate runs DEEP. he will torch them in Week One. Fantasy Football players can go ahead and start him in the first week.

There were also some other interesting things that stood out:

I spent the dream going from player, in full pads, interviewer,in a lounge scene, to assistant QB Coach, JaMarcus is pretty tough to coach!!!

D-Hall nearly took one to the house on a punt return. The punt oddly came on a first and ten drop kick by the Mules.

The offense had a tough time moving the ball in the water...Imagine that.

And for the most part the team didn't like playing the football version of water polo.

All in all it was a pretty odd dream, but then again I think that I am in the majority in that I have recurring dreams like these. How about you?