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Catching Up With The 2008 Draft's Top 6 Picks:

After spending months researching 6 players (Both Longs, Gholston, McFadden, Dorsey and Ellis) that I thought would fit in well with the Raiders, I am interested in following these six players all season and here is what I've found about them after their first camps:


Jake Long:

"Just on first impression, I see him go through bag drills, I see him do some of those things," said Sparano, a former offensive line coach. "In individual (drills), you can see some flashes and some power and some of those things, but we have a long way to go here."

Flashes?...Hmmm?...I guess that is fine if you aren't expecting to win for a few more years.

It also looks like he might not even be the Left Tackle:

"It doesn't matter to me," Long said Friday. "I know what I'm capable of. I trust the coaches that they'll coach me to the best of their ability. I'm going to learn from them, and whatever side they want to put me at, I'll play. It doesn't matter."


Chris Long:

For every question about Jake Long, there is nothing but praise for 'Son of Howie", Chris Long.

"I think Chris had a great first day out," Linehan said. "I noticed him a few times. He was doing everything he is supposed to do. I know one time he got a nice rush on the passer, which is good to see. What is funny about Chris is that he just goes. You don't hear him talk a lot, which I like. He just goes 100 miles an hour, which is nice."


And for those that were wondering whether or not he'd wear #75...He isn't:

Long wore No. 72 on his jersey. The No. 91 that he wore in college was already taken by defensive end Leonard Little and he wanted to avoid wearing the No. 75 worn by his famous father.

"I saw the available number and I was like 'Oh that would be cool. Seventy-two sounds good, something different,"' Long said. "You know (New York Giants defensive end) Osi (Umenyiora) wears it so maybe I'll get a little faster."


Darren McFadden:

He is already the best "Football Player" on the team. EVERY Raider fan has got to be excited about seeing him play in 2008.

For those of you who are afraid of McFadden's fumble-itus, Lane Kiffin gives us this perspective:

" you look at his fumbles, over half were at quarterback or on kickoff returns. There aren't as many as it looks right away when you look purely at a running back, but it's something we're looking at."


Glen Dorsey:

(To Be Continued)