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Oakland Raiders News: At This Point, No News = Good News:

Other than Gary Peterson's lame attempt to revamp the Lane Kiffin firing talk, there is no real news coming out of Raider Land here in Alameda and THAT is a good thing.

There are no sordid accusations, or rumors of hirings OR firings. There are no discontents that we don't know about stealing the headlines. There is no player bashing going on from the head coach, and that is just as it should be this time of year.

Can it be that the Raiders have become a functional organization in only two off-seasons? I think so.

Al has reeled in his young coach who started to throw his 170 pounds around after going 4-12 and making some rookie coaching mistakes and he has also revamped this team with some seriously talented players.

Sure, there are question marks about the health of many of the large off-season acquisitions, but there is NO BAD NEWS about their injury status...YET.

This could just be the calm before the storm, but I seriously doubt it. I see this team as having a serious shot to do something special this year and I think that the entire organization sees that as well.

I mean, how can you not be excited about adding Darren McFadden to the offensive backfield and having JaMarcus under center from Day One?

How can you not be excited about the offensive line going into their second year under Cable?

How can you not be excited about adding DeAngelo Hall and Gibril Wilson to our defensive backfield and knowing that we will no longer have to see #30 wiffing at LTs ankles?

How can you not be excited about losing "The Great Pretender", Jerry Porter, and replacing him with Javon Walker?

At this point, we can still be optimistic and I hope that the tide lays low until the Monday Night Game against Denver, because IF it does, we will be sitting on the verge of something VERY special.

Go Raiders!!!