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Oakland Raiders News: Is The O-Line The Last Team That Needs An Upgrade?

When I look at this team from the ground up, I see a team that can lead the League in Rushing and one that will need to force turnovers and get stops on defense in order to win.

I also see a team that is breaming with high power offensive potential that is limited in that although they have the weapons to get deep, Javon Walker, Drew "Hill" Carter and Johnnie Lee Higgins, and the arm to get the ball there, JaMarcus Russell, they have a patchwork line that will be iffy at BEST against stout pass rushing defenses.

Their weaknesses are not really in the middle of the line, where Gallery, Newberry and Carlisle performed VERY well, they are on the edges, where, journeyman, Cornell Green and, eternal project, Kwame Harris look to be the starters.

Last season, Cornell got blown up like a Hot Air Balloon on the 4th of July on nearly every passing play and it seemed that Paul McQuistan did a much better job at RT after Green went down with an injury. I am still a bit confused why McQuistan's performance last season doesn't have him listed as #1 on the RT depth chart, but, I have taken the approach that "Cable knows best after he resurrected the rushing corps last season from what Art Shell labeled as "Smash-Mouthed" in his short lived 2006 campaign.

Harris on the other hand has yet to get blown UP in Oakland, but his resume speaks to the same issues that Green had...Good run blocker...A Stick of dynamite on passing downs.

Cable believes that Harris has the skill set to be HIS left tackle, so I cannot argue that YET...I just have a feeling that neither of those two will be starting next year and I'm not so sure that Mario Henderson will be the answer.

After an off-season that has seen nearly every hole filled, it is the most important one for a rookie QB that is the biggest thorn in our side.

Let's HOPE that the dink and dunk and play action keep the ball moving and JaMarcus's backside grass stain free, because if he has to take too many 7 step drops it can be Walter and Tui by week 6.