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Oakland Raiders News: "The Life" Catches UP With Javon Walker

Only the naive believe that all NFL Players go to Church on Sunday and lead Bible studies at their houses every Wednesday. In fact those players are the exception to the rule, not the norm.

You are more likely to find a player in a strip club, "Making it Rain", with dollar bills or champagne than you are to find one at home with the wife and kids on a Friday Night.

As hard as Roger "Good"ell tries to "Clean Up" the NFL's image, even he knows that he cannot stop these modern day Gladiators from living the lives of Modern Day Romans. He can only bust them when they break the law.

This is why the elite do their partying in private and don't drive home anymore. ( Note to JaVon, YOU ARE NOW ELITE, your contract says so)

Those of us who have the pleasure of knowing NFL players past and present have all heard the stories of the parties that were thrown for players at private homes where the menu was "Blond, Brunette, Red Head, Cocaine, Booze, 420 and sometimes even Boy or Girl".

From the day that these players are drafted they are targets for not only "Loyal Fans" that want to get to know them intimately or party with them, but also for hooligans who want their money or possessions and also the media who want to sell papers or get internet hits by showing them in compromising positions.

It seems as though, Oakland Raider's Receiver, Javon Walker's safety clock ran out on him yesterday morning.

It would be unrealistic to expect him to be home in Denver getting ready for this weeks OTAs. He is a modern day Roman and he was doing as most of them do, he was partying in Modern Day Rome and sharing his wealth with strippers and others who were dabbling in all that Vegas has to offer.

He was spraying people with Dom. He was reveling in the fact that he is a multimillionaire professional athlete. He was enjoying female company.

That is all fine and good...The problem is that he was doing it in public and that made his bullseye even bigger and made him a reachable target.

Usually IF someone is going to go large, IN PUBLIC, they take a posse along, I mean hasn't he seen Entourage?

Does Javon need a Posse? Or, does he need a manager to order him "Room Service"?

Either way, it looks like "The Life" has caught up with Javon for a second time. After his best friend, Darent Williams, died in arms after a public altercation you'd think that he'd learn how to handle his business better.

Either way, my prayers are with him as he recovers, and if he needs a "Booking Agent" when he gets healthy or a couple of body guards, I know a few members of the Black Hole who'd sign up for the duty and he can always find me here.

Get well Javon, I know that The Nation Has Your Back.