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I'm BACKKK Raider Fans:

I've taken this month to focus on the new addition to the Raider family, Amelia-Marie, and to clear my head for the upcoming season.

The last two seasons and all of the draft coverage really blew me out.

Thanks, Kai-Sir and Raider 76 for keeping the site updated on the happenings in Raider land while I chimed in occasionally.

Like most of you, I am stoked that there will be football in exactly 40 days from today!!!

It will only be pre-season football, but it will bring the Whiners to Oakland and will give us our first glimpse at D-Mac in Silver and Black. It will also allow us to FINALLY see Michael Bush run the rock on the Coliseum Field.

Then you HAVE to go to the Raider Nation Celebration on August 10th. If you've never been to one of their events you have definitely missed out.

Last year the team had the Raiderettes meet us at the gates with free posters and the team ran plays on the field as the players signed autographs.

They have not released an agenda yet, but it is always great. I mean, where else can you get an Amy Trask autograph and watch her run the ship? She is truly a work of art.

Until the Pre-Season starts we will be breaking down the Training Camp and of course watching the Javon Walker saga closer...

One last thing before I go. Do you think that there is a Denver Bronco favoritism in the NFL Office? I mean, how much trouble does Brandon Marshall have to get into before he is put on ice?


DUI, Domestic Violence x3...Geesh!!!