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Oakland Raiders News: Darren McFadden Officially Signs ON!!!

The Oakland Raiders have announced the official signing of Darren McFadden.

The Press Conference will be held at 11AM today:

You can tune in Here to hear it.


This is a HUGE change from last season when our top pick didn't make it into camp until the season was already underway.

Gone is the speculation from the haters that D-Mac will be holding out as long as Russell.

This is YET another sign that the Raiders are a well functioning organization and it is flying in the faces of all the doubters and media vultures who have been circling this franchise for the past 5 seasons.

The D-Mac in Silver and Black Show is underway in Oakland, and you'd better get your seats now before they are all GONE!!!


Wow!!! Beastusmaximus broke the story first ...You win for best up all night report...Ahhh To be young again!!!