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Oakland Raiders News: Adarius Bowman is a Rider

No, that headline is not a typo, Adarius Bowman, whom I was hoping would be a Raider before he got popped for marijuana possession in a state that has very tough weed laws has been signed by the Roughriders in the CFL and he performed very well in his first game.

He caught 6 passes for 112 yards and hauled in a 73 yard game clinching score.

His size and receiving skills are something that can definitely add depth to our receiving corps. This is of course, IF he can avoid jail time.

Being that his infraction came before he was in the NFL, the commissioner would not penalize him so he would be available.

I'm hoping that somehow, he puts the a in Rider some day soon.

Good luck Adarius, I KNOW that you aren't the only football player who enjoys a little Mary-Jane and I will be rooting for you.