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Oakland Raiders News: Thoughts From My Black Hole

Being that this is my birthday weekend, I share the same birthday (July 10th) as a hero (Arlo Guthrie) and a zero (Jessica Simpson), I figured that I'd write an article similar to me old pieces on AN (Station to Station).

- So, it looks like we have a front runner for our nickname the running backs competition...Crash, Smash and Dash.

Crash should be pretty obvious, as Justin Fargas is a Crash Test Dummy who runs into contact.

Smash should describe what Michael Bush will be doing on short yardage and at the goal line.

Dash is what Darren McFadden brings to the table. I expect him to DASH into the end zone MANY MANY times this season.


- I am still trying to get someone in the front office to commit to announcing Kirk Morrison as, "From OAKLAND CALIFORNIA, Kirk Morrison", every time he takes the field during pregame announcements.

Maybe we should all e-mail Amy Trask and see if she can, or more appropriately will, get it done.

Amy...Urrrr, Mrs. Trask, Imagine the reaction among the Silver and Black Faithful when they hear THAT!!!


- I was at the A's game yesterday and I had a funny marketing idea for the team. Imagine of they paid the comedian Gallagher to show up to the clubhouse for an all team meeting. That may have cost about 10 grand but I bet it would have went a long way with the fellas when they heard that they'd just traded two valuable pieces to the Cubs for "Gallagher".



That is me laughing at Baron "Me First" Davis. I am as loyal a fan there is, with some exceptions of course, but as soon as he opted out I began to hate the player who I once rooted for.

I'll spare the details, as this is a Raider Blog, but he lied to the team when he said that he would not opt out and then got lied to by his "friend" Elton Brand when Brand signed with a team that should now be a playoff contender every year for the next 5 years.

Enjoy Chris Kaman as your #2 option Baron, and to LA, watch baron come in weighing 250 next year and then tell me how you like the guy who only plays hard when his team is good.


- Speaking of Baron. Imagine if his buddy, Cash "Jessica Alba's Baby Daddy" Warren, had a last name of Back instead.

Do you think that Baron would have given him to the Warriors to NOT have to report to the Clipshow?

There are too many funny name games with him, including their daughter, Honor.

Sorry Jessica, but, when B-Judas-Sell-out-Diddy left you became fair game.


That's all I have for now. I'll see some of you in the bleachers on Sunday and until then...Go EAST BAY BABY!!!