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Oakland Raiders News: 22 Days Until Our Pre-Season Kicks Off

With just under 22 days until the Raiders host the Niners in Oakland there are a few things that I want to bring up.

1) Zappa and his Raider fan brother will be attending my tailgate and the rest of you are welcome as well. We tailgate near the closest row to the 880 Highway near the huge electronic billboard.

Just let me know if you are coming and what you are bringing, as well as what time you'll be there and I'll make it work.


2) The Coliseum has changed it's policies on tailgating:

Parking & Coliseum Changes

Beginning with the 2008 season, McAfee Coliseum has instituted policies in the parking lots and stadium to comply with the Oakland Municipal Code, enhance fans' tailgate experience, and be responsive to fan feedback. Please be aware of these changes as you make tailgate and game day plans. We appreciate your help in making the Coliseum and parking lots an enjoyable environment for all fans, guests, and tailgaters.

  • Overnight parking is prohibited.
  • Line-up for early arriving vehicles will begin at 5:00 a.m. for all lots and all gates. Please note that for games with kickoff times after 5:00 p.m., line-up will begin at 11:00 a.m.
  • By Oakland City Ordinance, all D.J. set-ups, bands, performances, and amplified noise or music are prohibited. This policy will be enforced by law enforcement and violations may result in confiscation of equipment and/or citations.
  • Bills larger than $20.00 will not be accepted.
  • Limousine parking is $75.00 per game. Please contact the Raiders Ticket Office to pre-purchase your limousine parking pass.
  • Over-sized vehicles, including RVs, buses, and trailers, must have a pre-purchased pass for the over-sized vehicle parking lot. Please contact the Raider Ticket Office for more information.
  • The Oakland Raiders Fan Code of Conduct will be enforced in all parking lots. Visit for the complete Code of Conduct. Behavior prohibited by the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated in the parking lots.

Call me at (800) 724-3377 or email me at with any questions or concerns you may have regarding game day parking policies.

Thank you for your continuous support of the Silver & Black.

Panos Pappas
(800) 724-3377


3) It looks like Nnamdi will be playing for a long term contract this season. With Hall on his opposite side, we should see just how good Nnamdi is.

4) Chaz signed and now that only leaves Shields and Trevor Scott on the unsigned draftee list. This is a huge upgrade from last season.

5) The Niners will be joining the Silver and Black for a joint practice in Napa. That should be fun for our boys leading up to the game on August 8th.

That's all I have for now, Go Raiders!!!