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Oakland Raiders News: ESPN the Mag Got The "Tuck Rule" Right:

So, Raider Nation, it appears that over a half decade later there are fans on the East Coast that admit how royally screwed the Silver and Black got on that snowy night in New England.

The impact of that game led to the Patriots dynasty.

Just like I'll never forget where I was for the Loma Prietta Earthquake (Laying on my waterbed waiting for the World series to start), I will never forget where I was when the Oakland Raiders were "Tucked" by the refs. (At a Pizza Parlor on my way to Nor Cal to play a Show)

For years New Englanders have reveled in the fact that their team got over on us. I mean, maybe we get Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison IF we win that game...Maybe when we land Randy Moss he goes on to break all of Jerry Rice's records in an Oakland Uniform?

I appreciate the fact that a portion of the East Coast is finally admitting that they owe part of their success to a "Snow Job" against the Raiders.

Here is the Link:

The entire list is pretty spot on and it's an entertaining read.

Thank you Ted Bauer for letting everyone out there know what we within the Raider Nation have been saying for years.