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I Wish That Lane Would SHUT His Mouth and Coach:

His mini feud with Rob Ryan is getting tiresome.

He complained that Ryan didn't let him run his trick play and stole his thunder in front of the Raider Nation on Sunday and now "someone" isn't signing enough players for him.

Message to Lane, STFU and coach who you have, NOT, who you don't.

"I was trying to excite the fans again," Kiffin said. "So, I had Darren stand next to me and told Shane (Lechler) to throw him the ball. It was good to see Rob compete. Rob heard me whisper that, so he whispered to Hiram about 10 yards ahead of him to go cover him. So, it really didn't work."


 "It's been a situation that, unfortunately, we haven't brought guys in. I control what I can control, come out every day and get our guys as good as we can."

If NFL Europe was still around he would have an extra 5 - 10 bodies that he could carry. As it is, they have already cut two players in order to add the two that they have added.

Maybe he should focus more on the constraints that the front office is dealing with instead of complaining.

FYI, Lane, this isn't USC where you have 200 roster spots.