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Oakland Raider News: I'm Calling Out Roger Goodell

All I can think about this morning is the TERRIBLE mistake that Roger Goodell has made by not addressing the issue of limited rosters in pre-season.

Every team has felt the pinch of not having the 5 -10 extra (Goon-Squaders) players that they would ordinarily have had IF NFL Europe was still around.

I know that it has definitely effected the Oakland Raiders to the core.

Yesterday the team released Edgerton Hartwell in order to make room for a BODY that has NO chance of making the team, P, Glen Pakulak.

For any of you who have gone through double sessions on any level, you know that they are the most strenuous times for any player and that you need as many goon squaders as possible so that even the third stringers can get a breather when they are filling in for players who get minor injuries.

Injuries are a HUGE part of football and Goodell has failed to address this issue as of yet.

He failed in his punishment of the Patriots, has taken live music out of the parking lot in Alameda, advancing the police state that parking lots have become, and his claim to fame is punishing players who like to hit women (Good play there) and party at strip clubs.

So, I ask you Roger, what HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE LEAGUE and what do you plan to do about this injury epidemic?