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Oakland Raiders News: OPEN THREAD 08-15-08: Raiders @Titans: The Titans Provide A Litmus Test For Kiffin's Team:

Reminder: The Game Will Be Played To A National Audience at 5PM Pacific Time on Fox


Litmus test:

Litmus test (language), an English colloquialism:

  • Any kind of social indicator used to classify someone either favorably or unfavorably

The Tennessee Titans play the game the way that Lane Kiffin envisions the Silver and Black Attack performing in 2008.

They control both sides of the ball very well and will provide a true measure for our improved 2008 roster.

Questions To Be Answered:

1) Can JaMarcus keep the backside of his uniform clean?

This will be a great indicator of the coaching staff's game plan to move him around in the pocket and the O-Line's ability to execute.

2) Just how good can our running game be?

Vanden Bosch and Haynesworth anchor as formidable a defensive line as this team will face all season.

We all know that the strength of our offense is the three headed monster plowing behind our fullbacks and pulling linemen.

Fargas, Bush, McFadden, O'Neal and Griffith will be tested tonight.

3) Is our run defense better than in 2007?

The Titans dominated the Rams on the ground last week and proved to be unstoppable when it mattered on teh ground againt the Raiders last season.

Will a healthy Tommy Kelly and Terdell Sands be able to team up with William Joseph and Gerard Warren to stand up the Offensive linemen and allow the linebackers and Gibril Wilson to make plays on the running backs, or even better shoot the gaps and redirect, blowup or smother the backs in the backfield.

4) Will our receivers break free?

In order to keep any defense honest they have to fear the deep pass, even if you only throw 20 times a game.

I anticipate that JaMarcus will go deep about 3-5 times a agme and it will be important to see if Curry, Walker, Higgins or Carter are capable targets.

5) Will Zach Miller be allowed to go out for passes?

Just as it was for the majority of last season, Zach Miller, our tight end was forced to block more than anything against the Niners last week.

It is important to expose the seem against the linebackers when you have a running offense. This will help pick up key forst down and break many 20-30 yard plays when t5he defense is playing 7-8 in the box.

That's all I have for now. What are your keys and what are you looking for tonight? 


Here is what the Titans Will Be Looking For