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Game Wrap: I AM Stoked, Regardless of The Score!!!

Unfortunately my computer has crashed more than a hippie (Nico) on my couch for the last 4 hours and my writing has been sparse. The problem is still ongoing so I'm going to have to update this piece, one piece at a time.

Here is the halftime update:

From the Raider's first posession, it was apparent that Jamarcus Russell was ON. Unfortunately, Javon Walker was NOT.

Don't get down on him though, Javon is a mid to deep threat who's number hasn't been called yet.

JaMarcus finished the half going 10-17 for 75 yards and a TD.

His first half highlight was an incredible toss to Zach Miller that didn't just thread a needle, it spit in the camel's eye and left Tennessee's defensive leader injured and accounted for the game's only offensive touchdown. If you didn't think that this kid was special before seeing that, do you believe now?

He is as elusive as he is strong armed and he may redefine the QB position.

McFadden finished the half with 6 carries for 44 yards.

His highlight was a 25 yard burst with 9 seconds left that ended with 1 second left on clock and the Raiders in field goal range. They made the kick and took the lead, 10-7.

(Then my computer cut out before I could talk about how fantastic Zach Miller was)

Zach Miller conjured up thoughts of every Great Raider Tight End that I have ever seen.

One of my keys before the game started was Zach Miller. Would Zach Miller get a chance to leave the line and actually run a pass patern?

He did, folks, he did.

His touchdown grab may be the best catch that we have seen in many years.

Every one of his grabs had "hands" displayed for all to see. (More Computer Death)

I have to cut this short, BUT, the defense looked incredible, especially seeing that Nnamdi and Hall didn't even play.

There was a definite upfront surge and the blitz pressure that has been missing for the past 4 + years was impressive.

I was even rooting for the Tennessee kid to make the kick at the end. It was pre-season and the Raider outplayed the Titans in EVERY facet.

I'm stoked, regardless of the score. ( I have to get out before my computer die...s again).