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We Have A Winner: Raidahs!!!! Raidahs!!!!!

For the upcoming 2008-2009 season, I expect big things from our ball club. Good things don’t last long, and there are many peaks and valleys for a franchise. We’ll, we been walking down the valley of darkness for the last 4 years, but now, we are headed up the peak. And while we are on the incline, other franchises are departing towards the valley. It’s time for us to come out that Black Hole, metaphorically speaking.

Broncos and Chiefs. These are the rivals. We can see signs of them slipping down, while we keep getting better and faster and younger and hungrier. For starters, we have two of the future leaders in McFadden and Russell. The QB-RB combo can get a team pretty far in the NFL, and I have faith these guys will be “the guys”. With veteran Javon Walker, sure handed Ronald Curry and the ever improving Zach Miller, it gives Russell some good targets to aim at. But the most exiciting piece of the team has to be the trio in the back field: McFadden, speedy Justin Fargas and powerful Michael Bush. Defenses are going to have fits trying to catch and tackle these guys. You got fast (Fargas), fast/strong (McFadden) and strong (Bush). That’s our cyclopes monster right there. While defense are huffing and puffing, we can throw fresh legs in there.

And speaking of defense, we added even more pieces to an already sold unit. I can’t wait to see Gerrard Warren and Tommy Kelly on the line – those are some big dudes who are not going to back down. Derrick Burgess coming around the corner, where can the QB go? Not to mention DeAngelo Hall and Gibril Wilson teaming up with Nhamdi and Huff, all that says to me is “I dare you”. With Stu Shweigart gone, I finally understand the term “addition by subtraction”. The linebackers have great chemistry. Morrison is a very smart player who seems to be in the right place to get interceptions. Look for him and Thomas Howard to at least get 5 picks each this year.

All that and we haven’t even gotten to our annual ProBowler – Shane Lechler. He’s got the best boot in the NFL. Seabass had a rough beginning last year, but we all know what he is capable of. Look for at least one 60 yarder this season. I just hope they get healthy soon.

All that controversy about the coaching fueds, I don’t buy it. Winning solves everything, and the media has a tendency to overhype stories. Especially negative Raider stories. Lane Kiffin is learning but its obvious he knows the game. Tom Cable fixed the O Line, and Rob Ryan has high expectations for the defense. If we have any problem this year, I don’t think it will be because of bad coaching.

All we can hope for is our players to stay healthy, and maybe a couple more players to increase the competition. Anquan Boldin would be a nice addition. Lots of critics are predicting us for 6 wins. I say double that and subtract 3. 9-7 will be our record, hopefully that is enough for us to sneak in the playoffs. And that’s only the peak, we will be even better in the future once these guys earn their stripes.

Anyways, that’s my Raider Report for this season. I probably did all the steps wrong, but I do want some tickets, badly. Saint, let me know what else I gotta do. Thanks my fellow Raider Nation buddy.

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