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Game Thread: Oakland Raiders Host the AZ Cards

Lane Kiffin has promised us that he will throw the ball A LOT tonight, so, this promises to be the most exciting game of the pre-season.

As I pointed out last week, the jury still has very little evidence with which to judge Javon Walker. His skill set has been underutilized this far. He is a medium to deep threat and the team has been running 90% of the offense underneath and on the ground. In fact, the one time that his number was called deep, J-Russ overthrew him after he had a step on his man.

After tonight, there will be ample evidence of the player we got in the off-season and I am hoping that he looks to be worth it.


Kiffin also stated that he will be running the Buddy Ryan defense at the Cards all night long. I am loving that approach. It worked last week against Tennessee when Vince Young looked like a deer in headlights after facing countless blitzes and hidden schemes.


I'm playing a concert in Almaden today and will be late to the game thread, so I am counting on you guys to hold it down around here.

Hopefully we can get "Raidahs" to give us a recap when he gets home tonight.


RRRRRRAAAIIIDDDEERRRRSSS!!!! I can hear that echoing in the tunnel now!!!