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Oakland Raiders News: Kiffin Continues To Flap His Gums & It's Getting Old

Al Davis has armed Lane with a potential #1 defense and all Lane can do is complain about how he doesn't have enough bodies.

Come on Lane, this act is getting tired and even your staunchest supporters will begin to see that you are just a crybaby that is either looking for a way out or that is setting up for a cushion to your fall.

Was it Al Davis that called passing plays ad nauseum? Even the BEST passing teams run atleast once every 5 plays!!! And even the worst pass defense can get to the QB if they know it will be a pass EVERY down.

Opening UP the passing game doesn't mean that you pass on 11 of the game's first 12 plays and allow the Cards to pin their ears back.

I think that JaMarcus did rather well considering that Lane told the opposing team his gameplan going in and then he stuck to it completely.

Lane was out of line in saying that this team just isn't very good. Completely.

The defense has made the Niners offense, which is lighting up the League, look like peons, made Vince Young look like Tito Jackson and cost Matt Leinart his job. That is pretty darn solid.

And the offense is already looking like a Top 5 Rushing attack that will be led by a QB that makes good decisions with the ball and can put passes anywhere at any time.

The offense has also given the young QB a true #1, Javon Walker, who has replaced Jerry Porter who was signed by Jacksonville and is already PUPed, a great outlet in Zach Miller and drafted one of the most dynamic offensive weapons that we have had since Bo Jackson in Darren McFadden. What else can this cry baby want?

I guess that Gibril Wilson, DeAngelo Hall, Tommy Kelly, Javon Walker, Darren McFadden, Kalimba Edwards, Joseph and Carter aren't enough bodies for this little whiner. We save the "Whining" for the other side of the Bay.

Like I've said before, shut up, stop your whining and go out there and be a man. Believe me, IF you blow as many games this year as you did last year, 3 by my count, nobody in the League will buy your story and they'll see you as a wet behind the ears redass who couldn't handle a golden opportunity.