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Game Thread: Oakland Raiders @ Seattle Seahawks: The "Please Don't Get Hurt" Game

When the Oakland Raiders take on the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, tonight, I will be at the Coliseum in hopes that Frank Thomas can pass Willie Mac and Ted Williams with one powerful swing and also celebrating Brad Ziegler's record setting performance on the night that the A's have chosen to honor him. If any of you will also be there, then come on by Left Field and say "Hi".

With that being said, I will not be able to Live Blog the game and am wondering if one or a group of you will volunteer to Live Blog it.

Lane Kiffin has already stated that he will NOT be playing any of his regulars tonight, so this game may only be important to a few players "on the fringe" who can show that they will be a force if given 20-30 snaps a game.

Trevor Scott, Jay Richardson and William Joseph are the players that I'd be watching tonight. Each has their own skillset and one of them may NOT make this squad.

Rashard Baker and Hiram Eugene may still be battling for one roster spot as well.

All in all there will be some battles, but, in the long run, tonight's game is nothing more than an EXTRA game and the real news will come out tomorrow when the rosters are cut down.