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Oakland Raiders News: My Short Waiver Wire Wish List

In looking over the names on the Waiver Wire, there are a few that stand out to me:

1) Stuart Scweigert – After letting the entire world know just how much better he was than the Oakland Raider organization he was cut from his second team of the summer, the NY Giants. I hate to be so rude to someone who played his butt off for the Silver and Black, but he asked for this raspberry on the day he took a blindsided jab at this organization. (I am writing this offline, so Raiderpete, I cannot give you the link, but, I’m sure you read about it)

2) Marcus Monk – WR – Arkansas – I was begging Al Davis and company to draft this kid on draft day and now it looks like he can be had. He was also cut by the NY Giants. Marcus is a tall, 6 foot 6, receiver who has a knack for getting open in the end zone and scoring touchdowns. He would have been the all-time receiving touchdown leader in Arkansas history IF he’d not gotten injured. His injury may have been what kept him back in NY, but I want to give him a look.

3) Moran Norris – FB – SF – Norris was the lead blocker for Frank Gore when Gore had his breakout 2006 season. He was beat out by a human wrecking ball and even his former coach, Mike Nolan, agrees that whoever lands Norris will be landing a very good player. At this point, Michael Bush is our second string FB and third string TB, so, let’s get him some help.

4) Ashlie Lelie – WR – SF – At one time Lelie was on his way to stardom, and now he finds himself out of work. He is also coming off of injury and didn’t have enough time to beat out Battle, Bruce or Bryant Johnson for a starting spot. I do know that he hates the Broncos and could be a very nice weapon on the 8th. His 17.2 YPC average (Highest among actice NFL receivers) would be nice too.

Then there are the players that stand out to me, because I’ve been interested in them, but not SOLD on them:

1) Mario Urrutia, Taj Smith, Maurice Purify – WR – I lumped all three of these players together because any one of these players can fill in for Drew Carter, "potentially", so they are worth a look.

2) Doug Datish – C – Falcons – I thought that he would be a solid Center when he came out of College and I am surprised to see him cut by the Falcons. Then again, they also cut Joey Harrington and Marcus Pollard, so, they must be pretty deep this year.

3) Drew Henson – QB – Lions – Henson’s career has stalled and I think that he’d make a good back-up in this League. I’d like to see him on the practice squad.

4) Marquice Cole and Courtney Anderson join "Stu" on the list of past Raiders to get the axe, and I actually wish those two well, unlike one other FORMER Raider, Chris Carr that I am just waiting for the axe to fall on.

So, that is my "short" take on who I want the Raiders to go after, what are your thoughts?