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Here it is...BAM!!!

Here, it is...BAM, and ya say gawdamn, this is a dope jam!!!

That is the message that the Raiders are delivering out of Napa. at least the way that I hear the message being passed on my reporters.

 - Not ONLY had Javon Walker become our #1 receiver, he has now become, as Javon Walker often has, a player that we are rooting for.

Javon's natural ability is high enough that he can handle...ANYTHING...that JaMarcus throws near him and that fact added to the fact that he is now compelling enough of a story, that, in TRUE Raider fashion, he, Javon Walker,can be reborn under the guidance and wing of Al Davis.

That is DOPE!!!

- "Dope" McFadden is set to make his mark on the NFL in 08. McFadden was my choice from day one and I have been waiting to finally see him on the field for MONTHS now. (I love how Kiff hid his hand)

The reports that have come out of Napa have Lane Kiffin handing the Offensive Rookie of the Year award and the League MVP to the D-Train.

We all know that Lane is sparing in his praise of ANYBODY, yet, this is what he said about Mc "Silver and Black" fadden.

- Nnamdi may have become the "Dopest" DB in the NFL. He Not only has established himself as a black hole in the opposing team's offensive game plan, he has evolved into a PPERSON that has set the bar for humanitarianism in the NFL.

- J' "Dopest" Russell has all of the physical, God can only give them, talents to put on a JAM' arcus at the Coliseum every time he steps on the field.

The stories and intrigue that are resonating from shoulder pads in the Napa Valley to my Home in Pinole Valley continue to grow to the positive side.

I cannot wait to see it come to fruition at the Coliseum on Friday.

I will have the open thread going for those of you who cannot make it.

I'd like to have game threads and recaps that we'll save as sidebar content from NOW untilas long as SBN is around.

I would love to see photos, play by play and reactions that we look back on.

(My daughter is crying so I have to go)