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Oakland Raiders News: It's Chiefs Week

As most of you know, who've been reading this site for the last couple of years, it takes me a day or two to digest a loss and move on.

I am with you guys on the "Someone MAY get fired" bandwagon, and we won't know who that will be, if anybody, until the bye week. So, let's curb that talk for now and look forward to being 1-1 after Sunday.

I don't think that this Chiefs team is going to lay down for anyone this year. They are a young team that will play hard for thier head coach, Herm Edwards, who is a motivator of men.

The Chiefs came one deflected pass away from tying up the Patriots IN New England last week and are a better team with Huard under center than they ever have been with Brodie Croyle.

The Raider will need to come out and play a dominant game in order to wash the taste of Donkey backwash from their mouths and set the minds of the Raider Nation at ease.

I am a bit leary after reading Nnamdi's comments today:

"When a team lines up on us and just goes out and plays, we can handle it," Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said. "But when they start scheming us the way these guys did, and we weren't particularly ready for it, anything can happen."

It looks to me like they had no game plan against the Broncos and that will not work in this League. You cannot just throw out a bunch of studs and say "Play Ball", you need to make adjustments and battle the opposition with wit as well as braun.

Lane Kiffin took the high road when asked about the defense, so I'll follow his lead:

Kiffin added: "We'll always look at everything to make us better, but it's just one game. We're not going to let one game define who we are as a team or as a position group or on one side of the ball. Let's play some games before we start saying where our weaknesses are. "... DeAngelo will be all right."

I guess it looks like I am still trapped in the terribleness of the loss on Monday Night, but, I think it would be healthier to just move on.

Are you ready to move on yet? If so, what are your keys to victory on Sunday?