Attention Media.

Attention media: You aren't helping. Let's take a look at what I've read over the past couple of days.


"Raiders are a team in need of a bridge", "It's all quiet on the Kiffin front", "Raiders' Davis still mum on plans", and that is just to name a few. It's honestly no wonder Tommy Kelly got busted for DUI! I'd need to be under the influence of something to keep from drowning myself in friggin' sorrow.

We can argue till our blood boils about how ridiculous Al Davis is or isn't being. It does us no good to guess what a maladjusted old man is going to do. We've NEVER been able to read Al. EVER. That will not change. He will continue to do what he wants, when he wants, and there is nothing us sane, rational (in the eye of the beholder) fans can do about it.

I'm done with that discussion. Whether Kiffin stays, or goes... We did something we haven't done in the beginning of a season in quite a while, and that is thoroughly dominate an opponent. I haven't seen us outplay a team like that in a long, long time, and it feels damn good.

Get pumped for McFadden, he might have fumblitis but at least he can run, boy can he run. We've got a QB who can scramble AND put the ball where it needs to go, (whether or not Dropald Curry can catch it is a different story.)  LOOK UP, RAIDERS FANS.

At least until Kiff is fired. Then and only then should we open the floodgates.


Lets live this victory up, while it still lasts.