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Oakland Raiders News: A Few Quick Bones To Pick

For all of you who called me a "Homer" last week, I think I deserve an apology.


I said that the Raiders had the advantage in the Punting game, and we did. Parrish was a NON factor.

I said that it was a draw between the defensive line and the O-line depending upon which game plan they implimented and that IF we went with the KC gameplan we would get to Edwards. They did.

I said that our rushing offense had the advantage over their rush defense. I still can't believe that our healthiest RB who was gaining chunks of yards on every rush did n't get as many rushes as our injured RB. Then again, Kiffin stuck with a hobbled Jordan for two games last season until he finally blew up. I am still a bit ticked at this one because we could have run for two touchdown had we unleashed BUsh inside the 10.

I also said that our pass D would handle Lee Evans...Which they did until Warren, Burgess and Wilson went out. I still would have liked to see Nnamdi shadow Evans, but, when we had pressure and were playing our game Evans was a non factor. Edwards only had 95 yards passing at the end of the third quarter.

I am definitely a fan, and a die-hard at that, but to be labeled a homer is an insult.


Another bone I have to pick is with the officials who gave Wilson the boot but allowed the Buffalo defender to TACKLE Johnnie Lee from behind IN THE END ZONE.

That was GARBAGE. Wilson was being pulled down by his jersey after the whistle blew and he forcefully pushes the other player in the head and shoulder to get seperation and got tossed whereas the Buffalo defender straight up tackled JLH from behind after the play was over.

Another bone for the refs. No wonder two of our D-Linemen have torn arm muscles. You would too if you had to fight through hOLDS every fraking time you rushed the passer!!!


Yet another bone I have to pick is with everyone (Including myself) who cannot or did not see that your defense is limited when Burgess, Warren AND Wilson are on the bench and repolaced by a Tight End, a Tweener and a rookie with a cast on his hand who missed most of training camp.

And how about the Offensive line trying to run with Kwame AND Carlisle on the sideline?


The last bone I have to pick is with Lane Kiffin. Look, Lane, we love you, we really do. The Raider Nation supports you and knows that you will make mistakes and that you are sticking to a three year plan to build a great team.

Now, return the favor. Embrace the Raider Nation, say something like, "I want to return this great franchise to the top of the League where it should be", or, "I am only a small man standing on the shoulder of Giants like John Madden, Tom Flores and Al Davis".

Be a RAIDER or we won't have you much longer. You may not like it, but like they say "Wear IT" and you will be even more popular than ChuckY!!!

That's all I have for now, you can use this thread to pick your own bones or throw some back at me, all I know is that I feel much better after venting.