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Oakland Raiders News: I Thought We Were A Running Team?

The mantra that continued in my head OVER and OVER again as I watched the miscues on the field was, "I thought we were a running team".

When we ran the ball to the 3 on first down and then Russell took a sack on second down, I didn't say, "He should have just thrown that ball away", or, "Kwame is terrible", I said, "I thought we were a running team!".

Our strength is getting 2-4 tough yards on EVERY carry and then breaking a few of them for LONG runs. So, why is it that Lane Kiffin has J-Russ throwing in the red zone?

I am utterly confused by this.

BOTH turnovers came on passing plays on a day when JaMarcus Russell needed AFLAC to ensure that his bills would be payed IF his career ended under the heat of an intense pass rush.

And what is the best way to stop a pass rush? Run the damn ball and throw deep against the blitz!!! BASIC!!!

How is it that we are leading for most of the game and have thrown 37 passes and only run the ball 23 times? HOW IS THAT???

I thought that we were a team that was built around the rushing offense and  a stout turnover producing defense? Did I miss something?

I'm ticked. Although I expected MUCH worse, I did not expect to lose in the fashion in which the Raiders fell yesterday.

That's all I have for now, as I am still seething!!!