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Oakland Raiders News: The Roster Juggling Act is Pretty A-Musing:

When word broke that the team had been cut down to 53 players, nobody "on the fringe" was comfortable because Lane Kiffin let them know that IF they were on the roster by day's end on Wednesday, then they would know that they made the team.

Sensing that Watkins and Schill weren't enough depth behind Johnnie Lee, Curry and Walker, the team went out and signed one of the best players available in Ashlie Lelie.

That made Watkins and Schill shiver a bit, but lo and behold, it was D-Lineman, William Joseph, who got the axe.

Then needing a FB, because, as Kiffin said, "I cannot see this offense opperating with only one fullback", they resigned Luke Lawton.

Lawton is an able handed receiver out of the backfield and his limited stats are quite interesting.

in 2007 Lawton had one less catch (4) than carries (5) and two of his recptions went for first downs and one of them got him into the end zone.

Lawton may have been chosen over a bruiser like Norris because the team sees having another outlet receiver for J-Russ being more of a need than a true lead blocker.

As the roster currently sits, there are only three DTs, well 3 1/2 if you count Jay Richardson, and 7 LBs.

I really liked Dre Moore and he is available, since Tampa has placed him on their Practice Squad.

If Dre finds his way to Oakland then I'd expect Hiram Eugene to get cut.

So, stay tuned, with a roster that still has a gaping hole, I expect someone to be signed today.